Trust is a form of approval, and when someone else feels your approval, they will generally respond in a very positive way.  If you want others to treat you with trust and respect, do the same for them.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  People seek out approval, and will go to great lengths to gain it.  If people view you as a source of approval, they will feel drawn to you without even realizing why.  Making people feel good about themselves is a win-win situation.

The more we count someone as trustworthy, the higher they rate on our internal people meter.  We do realize that complete trust is something that must be earned.  It is important not to judge someone by another person’s bad behavior.  Let’s begin every relationship with a clean slate, by giving the other person the benefit of the doubt. People end up acting in the way you treat them. If they make you feel good, and you like them, you are much more likely to treat them with the respect they deserve from you, until they prove otherwise. We should do our best to work towards being trustworthy and this should help others to trust more, too.

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