Guardian Angels


Angels are creations of God, each one a unique masterpiece.  Angels keep going long after everyone else has given up.  They fill our days with love and light, and watch over us as we sleep at night.

Your Guardian Angel always watches over you because God always guides you with his watchfulness. Your angel is always spiritually present to your soul. Angels are angels and always have been. No one has ever become an angel. Our Creator of the Universe gave us an angel so that we would never be alone. Our angels are to protect us, guide us, and lead us into Heaven.

Each angel has intelligence and will, and each is a personal and immortal creature. Angels and humans are separate and different beings. Angels are 100 percent spirits, we are both spirit/soul and body. Our soul is immortal, but our body is not. A soul that has gone to heaven enjoys God’s presence with the angels and joins with the angels in praising God.

Look for the Angels in your life, they are everywhere.  They are always close enough to hear you.  It is impossible to be alone in a world inhabited by Angels.  Angels fly directly into the heart of the matter, so trust your Angels.

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