You may live in a free country, yet you may not be free.  You enjoy real freedom when you are able to accept or reject thoughts, and allow your mind to be silenced.  This is mastery of the mind.  If you could watch the activity going on in the minds of people, you would see a very interesting spectacle.  Each and every person is living in a kind of imaginary mental world created by their thoughts.  Your mind thinks from the moment you wake up in the morning until you fall asleep at night.  It gives you no rest.

Our life, our actions and reactions are all affected by what goes on inside our mind.  It is only by silencing the hectic of the mind that we are able to receive true peace and real freedom.  Silence your mind through concentration, detachment, calmness and especially meditation.  This will help give you the ability to filter and sift thoughts, without getting involved and controlled by them.  Make your mind quiet and you will enjoy real freedom.

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