Fear is the result of our mind becoming obsessed  with what might happen to us in some future time.  The effects of this fear are very real, and they have their consequences.  Fear creates images of what it does not want to happen.  We create our own reality.  We have the power to set in motion the exact event we do not want to happen.

Never let a concern turn into a fear.  Concerns are ok, fears are not.  Develop a positive attitude.  Fears have less chance of taking hold in an individual with a positive attitude.  Turn a fearful thought around.  If you feel failure, visualize success.

Fears are just fears. They are created by our imagination to make reality seem scarier than it is. When you take action and face your fears, they become weaker, because you realize that reality isn’t nearly as bad as your imagination.

We at www.secretserendipity.com believe we all deserve a healthy, productive life.

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