We all at some point in our lives, experience a rebirth.  That simply means that we’re changing our priorities.  What was once important becomes unimportant.  What was of no value becomes urgent.  What we ignored is now given the utmost attention.  When we shift our thinking during this rebirth, we will experience startling changes, both within and without.

You should make whatever changes you need in your life.  Life likes changes.  Life is change.  There is a renewal, a rebirth when you change habits, beliefs and goals.  Our problems do not lie in what we experience in life, but in the attitude we have towards it and how we react to it.  Once we are able to think more clearly and embrace change, we will have a clearer sense of what is important and what is not.  It is a wonderful thing to happen at any point in life.  Embrace change, you will be glad you did.

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