Movement and change are the ways of the Universe.  We never want or expect misfortune to come our way. It is much more pleasant to have success, health, good fortune and a fun and interesting life all the time.  Life doesn’t happen that way.  Each negative event in our life carries with it opportunities, no matter how horrible it seems to be at the time.

When misfortune strikes, focus on solutions. Difficulties are temporary and things will work out in one way or another as nothing in life is permanent. Every situation offers a learning opportunity and an outlet to become better in the long run. The difference between those who crumble under the weight of the world and those who persevere is an enduring hope, faith and resilience to make the most out of the worst of situations.

There is value in any situation.. It takes a serious shift in focus to begin looking for opportunity within tragedy. It takes self-confidence to know we can weather the storm, self-discipline to make the needed change, and wisdom to find value and learn from the experience.

Misfortune forces us to re-assess what is important to us and what is not.  It lets us see what changes need to be made.  It allows us to see and feel the richness of simple everyday things.  Learning from our misfortunes allows us to live a deeper, richer, more full and happy life.

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