The Money Game


What we send into the universe is what the universe gives back to us.  Our thoughts and energy concerning money come back to us in the form of abundance or deprivation.  If you are unhappy with your finances, change it.  Start right now and create good money karma despite your past or present financial situation.  Karma refers to the universal law of cause and effect, and is very powerful.

Examine your present feelings towards money.  Evaluate your recent financial situation, your income, savings, investments, bills, responsibilities, living expenses, etc.  Express gratitude for what you already have.  If you have negative energy concerning money, even if you have enough, your continued negativity says you are ungrateful for what you have.  Turn your negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones, whatever your situation happens to be.   Focus on finding a solution rather than focusing on the problems you may have.  To have good karma, you cannot win if someone else loses.  Create a positive thought process that will create positive energy and that will create abundance for you.

Believe that you will have the money you want.  Believe that it is your karma to have abundance.  Be grateful for what you do have, this will create a positive energy and the universe will put you on the right path toward attaining your goals.

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