Winter-Warming Edible Crockpot Potpourri

Winter-Warming Edible Crockpot Potpourri

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For an added boost to Autumn, try this edible and amazing-smelling concoction that will fill your home with comforting and stress-alleviating smells. This is not as much as recipe as a framework of ideas for making your very own elixir that you can have going in your crock pot all day during the Holidays.

Save the rinds from any oranges you and your family may eat (in a zip lock bag in the freezer) and just pop them in the crock pot when you’re ready to try this “brew.” You can use any citrus, but for the fall smell we like oranges the best. For a different smell – rosemary and lemon are also our favorites!

What a fantastic way to make your house smell awesome. This recipe has all the flavors and smells of Autumn. The smell will float through your home. If you love the smell of cinnamon, add a pinch or two more. This can stew all day long, just make sure to add cider and/or water as the day goes along if the water level gets low.

Base: Apple Cider or Apple Juice

Large Stuff: Apples, cut into slices, an Orange, sliced into quarters, Orange rinds saved throughout the season, Cinnamon Sticks, Cranberries. (peaches, pears, and you get the idea…)

Extras: Cloves, Star Anise, Allspice, Rosemary, Berries, Candied Ginger, Rosehips, Nutmeg, Bay leaves. (pick your favorite spices, but remember that in berry or raw form will break down much better in a crock pot.  Adding just the powdered spice will infuse quickly and will not last as long)

Instructions: Pick your ingredients, and cook on high for a jump start.  Then switch to Medium or Low and cook all day.   Add more cider, or some water, as the liquid evaporates.

Tips:  For best results, wait for about an hour before tasting.   As an added bonus, try with your favorite liqueur or Rum.

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