Are you fed up with how things keep turning out in your life?  Are your negative thoughts sabotaging you?  A positive mental outlook is key to successful outcomes.  Unfortunately we all tend to think negatively.  It is a natural reaction to go for the downside of things as a natural protective response.

Don’t let fear and anxiety ruin your life.  If you find yourself being negative, check yourself.  Replace the thought, words or deed with something positive.   To become more fully conscious and able to step out of thinking processes, redirect your attention out of thought and into the here and now. Give the present moment your absolute undivided attention.

The past is behind you and no matter how badly things went there is nothing you can do to change them. Whenever you feel negative thoughts about the past come up, replace them with positive thoughts about the future. Remind yourself of your blessings. Whether you feel blessed by your family, your friends or even that you just have food to eat each day remind yourself of these things, however small you may feel they may be. Say thank you. Most of us have a lot to feel grateful for that we simply take for granted. Thank those in your life that make it better and happier to get a positivity boost for yourself as well.

Look for the positive in everything you can.  You will notice a difference.  If you can get a new positive outlook, you will see positive reactions from those around you.

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