When Angels sense you need them, and angels always do, they come, unseen, from everywhere, to help and comfort you.  They hover close beside you, till all your cares are gone.  Till they can see you are ready, once again to carry on.  Then some of them may fly away and take their gentle touch, to others that need the love of angels very much.  But one, at least stays with you, as your constant friend and guide, for Guardian Angels never leave, they are always at your side.

Your Special Angel is that unseen hand, that guiding light, that you feel is there when you need it the most.  As your soul’s spiritual mother, she holds the blueprint of your perfection and knows how you can best evolve.  This angel protects you and brings messages of inspiration to you when you need it the most.  She will not alter your free will, but can influence you toward your higher good.  This Special Angel is with you throughout your lifetime here and is dedicated to strengthening and encouraging you on your path.  Your Special Angel is guiding you on your path through your lifetime, you are never alone!

Join us at as we take our journey to wellness.

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