The Moon has long had an aura of mystery and magic about it and is surrounded by legends and lore.  The Full Moon is believed to affect the ebbs and flows of the tide.  The moon is connected to our wisdom and intuition.  It is often celebrated with the burning of a moon candle, usually made of pure beeswax.  The moon candle represents the different phases of the moon and is traditionally kept covered during the dark phase of a dark moon.

The Moon is the closest heavenly body to the earth.  We can see it in the sky for three weeks out of four, and people often use its light to guide them during this time.  The fourth week is the week of the dark moon.  The first time you see a crescent moon for the month, take all your spare coins out of your pocket or purse, and put them in another location.  This will ensure good luck for the following month.

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