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February 29 Astrology Reading

Every 4 years, the month of February has 29 days instead of 28 days. In order to have an alignment with the earth’s revolution around the Sun, we accumulate those 6 hours that we are losing every year and add them to one full day (6×4=24) and this is why every 4 years we add one more day to the month of February. Many numerologist believe that because the 29th of February is such a rare vibration, it causes a type of ripple effect within us. This ripple creates an opportunity for us to “leap” forward in this moment in time and play catch up in our own lives. Many people believe that it’s only healthy to have positive emotions, such as happiness, joy, and contentment, but that negative emotions like fear, anxiety, or sadness are wrong. We need to dispel this myth if we are going to get in touch with our feelings. Anger, for example, is not inherently negative. It can show us when we have an unfulfilled need or a frustration with crossed boundaries. A person that feels angry should examine where the anger is coming from so he or she can resolve the issue. Learning about our emotions can help us be more sympathetic towards others and understand our personal needs better.

People born on February 29th insist on personal happiness. If this is your birthday, you have the ability to rise above any situation and turn it into a success. You are loving and giving with youthful looks and a modern and mature outlook. Finances are an area where you have competence but are also likely to be a shopaholic with not much self control. As you were born on the twenty ninth day of the month in this leap year, your birth date figures reduce to a Root number of Two. This special numerical reference to your birthday has the linked keyword ‘Harmony’ and it identifies your desire for serenity and fulfillment.

Daily Thought for February 29th: Today, well lived, will prepare me for both the pleasure and the pain of tomorrow.

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