Daily Astrology

January 25 Astrology Reading

Today’s Moon is located in Virgo and is a Moon of purpose.  There is a strong sense of purpose in your life and you know where you are going and you work steadily to get there. Avoid becoming hardened emotionally as a result of all the years of struggle you have gone through on your road to success. Schedule frequent vacations where you turn the motor off and get to know yourself better. Don’t neglect who you are.  Being truly nice is about being kind, polite and friendly, consistently.  That includes being nice to yourself, too. The world needs your light, and if you are consistently kind, polite and friendly to yourself and others, then you are unquestionably a world-changer.

People born on January 25th are private and introspective and you solve your problems independently of others. One part of your personality wants life to be stable and secure, while another part of you seeks activity and variety to guard against boredom. You believe that experience is a better teacher than theory is. Your greatest challenge in life is one of self-control.

Daily thought for January 25th: One of the biggest factors in success is the courage to undertake something.

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