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October 31 Astrology Reading

Mercury struggles to return to visibility on this spooky day of fun and laughter.  Tonight there will be a Moon of introspection and soul-searching.  We seem to be looking for happiness.  Many times, we have to feel down, sad, or even depressed in order to be able to appreciate what happiness means. Happiness should be something that comes from within, that doesn’t need an external source to be activated.  This is a day to allow for positive thoughts. Do not let small things irritate you or push your buttons.   Try not to sweat the small stuff. What ever is happening, it’s not the end of the world. It’s going to be okay. The world is going to keep turning, and time is going to keep ticking. Any stress or anxiety you’re feeling will fade as the clock continues to turn and things pass.  Put your worries on the back burner and enjoy the power of this holiday, Halloween!

Today is Halloween. It’s a day of smelling that ‘crispness’ in the air that isn’t usually present during any other time of year. Halloween seems to serve a valuable function for many children and adults. It continues to be so popular because it fills our basic need to address the mysteries that frighten us and even celebrate them. It has the spirit that brings people alive. A holiday dedicated to consuming mass amounts of candy, playing dress up, and getting scared for fun is without a doubt the most fun way to stay connected to your youth. Jack-O lanterns and Halloween lighting in general is rather magical. Haunted houses are fun, and listening to non traditional Halloween music is the best. Take time to enjoy the spirit of Halloween!

People born on October 31st are charming and friendly, are group-oriented and enjoy being hospitable. You are sensual and affectionate, so your relationship needs to be deeply fulfilling. You have to drop your guard if you want to let someone in. Success is yours if you take your time and follow a practical plan of action. Sometimes, the grass seems to be greener on the other side of the fence, but that is usually not true, and you need to realize that.  Beneath your easy-going exterior, you are ambitious and hardworking.   Often you come across as intriguingly mysterious, yet on other occasions you seem totally open, carefree, and relaxed.  This is what makes you so fascinating to others.   In your personal life, you value truth and honesty in all your relationships.

Daily thought for October 31st: Our prayers are like an unseen communication link spanning heaven and earth. Things once regarded as impossible become possible when that link is firmly established.

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