February Astrology: February 9 – 2020 – Full Moon

Full Moon – Snow Moon – Hunger Moon – A Time to Heal!

Full Snow Moon!

February 9th brings a Full Moon. – This Full Moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Snow Moon because the heaviest snows usually fell during this time of the year. The Snow Moon name dates back to the Native Americans during Colonial times when the Moon was a way of tracking the seasons.

Full Hunger Moon!

Some Native American tribes named this the Hunger Moon, others called it the Storm Moon. Some tribes referred to this Full Moon as the Full Hunger Moon. The late winter lunar cycle was called the Hunger Moon by many different peoples in many different languages, and always for the same reason. When you depend on the land where you live for food, and the land has been frozen for months, you are likely to be hungry.

Sun in Aquarius – Moon in Leo!

It is the time of the Sun in Aquarius opposite the Moon in Leo. The Sun in Aquarius is a time for self-expression. Expression of affection builds bridges. It warms hearts. It can even change lives. When the Moon is moving through Leo, you will have a stronger desire to let others know how you feel. You’ll be more apt to tell people that you love them, or express your appreciation for them. Being honest and vulnerable is about as brave, beautiful, awe-inspiring, confident, and cool as it gets.

The Gravitational Pull and the Ocean Tides!

During a Full Moon, ocean tides are higher than usual from an increase in the gravitational pull from the Moon and Sun. Considering that the body is 80% water, scientist and astrologers have often thought that similar effects happen in the body creating almost a “human tidal pull” that can affect brain function. Also, the Full Moon’s light is being shed on the dark parts of you, and when you allow yourself to open up, you make space for deep healing.

Full Moons Affect Sleep!

A recent study conducted under the highly-controlled conditions of a sleep laboratory found that people took five minutes longer to fall asleep on average, and slept for 20 minutes less overall, around a full Moon, compared to during the rest of the month – even when they weren’t exposed to any moonlight!

Full Moon Bathing!

The Full Moon is a great time to ‘Moon Bathe’ – take a few minutes to sit under the light of the Moon and Meditate. As you breathe-in allow the Moon to warm your heart. We are often so busy taking in the energy of world around us that we forget to take in the energy of the world that lies within us.

Full Moon Reflection!

If nothing else, utilize this Full Moon as an excuse to make time for yourself and to reflect upon the vibes you emanate to the rest of the world. The Full Moon is also a time to be quiet, to find your peace, to let go of some things. Take a deep breath and forgive others who did you wrong. You are actually doing it for yourself. Be kind, and you will always have peace.

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