Daily Astrology

February 1 Astrology Reading

The heavens are offering a new alignment of the planets before dawn.  Low in the east, from highest to lowest, stands Jupiter, Venus, the Moon and Saturn.  Today’s Sad Moon is one of Discontent.   If there is one predictable thing in this life, it’s that you will face disappointments.  Disappointments are part of living.  Don’t let them make you cynical.  The key when coming across disappointment is to not let it affect you for the future and block you from being the person you want to be, hiding behind the fear of being let down for the next time. Instead of putting up walls, remind yourself that disappointment is a part of life and it doesn’t determine what you can or cannot do in life. Everyone who has major success in life has faced disappointments. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.  Open your heart to a trusted friend or family member as that is important for you to stay positive. Love and affection are there for you if you would just be willing to open your heart to those that care. You feel neglected, but that is only because you are sheltering yourself from those that care.  Join a group with friends, or meet new ones, and get out there and mingle.

People born on February 1st are blessed with sensitivity, humor and creativity. You sometimes lack self-esteem and worry too much about what will happen tomorrow. You respect people who have strong mental abilities and are independent thinkers, like yourself. Love and great friendships are yours for the taking.

Daily thought for February 1st: To hate and to fear is to be psychologically ill. It is, in fact, the consuming illness of our time.

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