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February 10 Astrology Reading

Tonight’s Moon is in Pisces and  is a Moon of Good Vibrations.   Feelings of loneliness have been hard to shake.  Because of past events, you find it hard to express your true feelings to those that are close to you. Often you appear cold and distant, but that is not the real you.  It’s hard to feel down when you know that you have a lot to be thankful for.  When you don’t know what to be thankful for, just write what you feel. Sometimes, it can help you identify why you feel lonely in the first place.   Getting bored is a prerequisite of feeling lonely. And what’s one of the main causes of getting bored? Having nothing to do. So keep yourself occupied! Try a new recipe. Create a scrapbook. Finish that DIY project you’ve been postponing for so long.  Try not to take yourself so seriously, lighten up, remember to have fun. Don’t be bound to the past, rather look to the future. Starting today, try to be more flexible.

People born on February 10th are born fighters. You are not afraid of anything or anyone. You don’t seek life’s rewards for yourself alone, you feel an obligation to help others and will set your personal needs aside in favor of the greater good. Although you take your time before committing to a long-term relationships, once you settle down, you tend to be very loyal.

Daily thought for February 10th: A genius is one who shoots at something no one else can see, and hits it.

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