Daily Astrology

February 12 Astrology Reading

It is the night of promise.  It is a time of focus. Tonight’s Moon is just one of eight phases the Moon goes through in one lunar cycle. It occurs one quarter of the way through this cycle.  Focus is important because it influences other challenges in our live. With improved focus you can become more disciplined; you can acquire better skills and more resources. This is why staying focused really matters and deserves to take priority.  Focus has been an issue for you.  Your thoughts have been confusing.  You’ve been bewildered lately as you believe others aren’t paying attention to you.  It’s surprising to you that you’re not appreciated for what you have to offer. A strong bond of empathy with another person will help you settle these feelings. Don’t let the dingy light outside and at work bring on a mild depression. You have this urge to be the star and to shine but your impulse to explore is taking over.  A vacation seems to be your best bet.  Happiness for you is coming in the form of a loving partnership and a serene life. It’s what you have been waiting for!

People born on February 12th have a steady nature and will fall in love forever. You’re extremely passionate and long for affection, but you have difficulty expressing your true feelings. You are an explorer and a restless bundle of nervous energy.  Although your intentions may be good, you are better at starting projects than finishing them. You are always a little ahead of everyone else when it comes to accepting new ideas.  Fashion has always interested you.

Daily thought for February 12th: If you limit your actions in life to things that nobody can possibly find fault with, you will not do much.

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