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February 16 Astrology Reading

The Moon is stronger and located in Gemini, the Twins of the Zodiac.   As powerful as this phase of the Moon is for manifesting progress, the Moon is not yet fully illuminated, and it might take a little time to see results of your actions. Don’t feel discouraged.  Right now, you’re feeling cut off from the world around you, but is that a surprise? Your tendency to isolate yourself while you follow your own path might just be the reason this is happening.  Remaining aloof is not working for you. You appear on the outside to be self-sufficient, however, you are easily wounded if overlooked.   Change your surroundings. It’s easy to sit at home and allow the day to pass with the cast of your favorite sitcom. However, when you remain in the same environment, the pangs of loneliness will only get worse. Go to a cafe to do your work. Go to the park and simply sit on a bench to watch the passersby. Give your brain some stimuli to distract you from your negative feelings.  Choosing to think more positively will not only help you take control of your life and make your everyday experiences more pleasant, but it can also benefit your mental and physical health as well as your ability to deal with any change that might come your way.

People born on February 16th are one of a kind. You are a free thinker, with revolutionary ideas that can be ahead of your time. Your intention is to make the world a better place. You are a fascinating companion and would make a great tour guide, because you are so well informed. You’re basically peace loving and will go out of your way to avoid a disagreement.  To family and friends, you impart a quiet support and warmth but are too frank to have time for flattery.

Daily thought for February 16th: Nothing determines who we will become so much as those things we choose to ignore.

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