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February 19 Astrology Reading

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This is the night of the Full Moon. It is the time of the Sun in Aquarius opposite the Moon in Leo. It is also called the Full Snow Moon. The Snow Moon name dates back to the Native Americans during Colonial times when the Moon was a way of tracking the seasons. Some Native American tribes named this the Hunger Moon; others called it the Storm Moon. This is a good time for self-expression, with creativity and originality.

February 19th has a Full Moon – Super Moon. This Full Moon counts as the most “Super” of the Full Super Moons in 2019 because it’s the Full Moon that most closely aligns with perigee– the Moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit. This unusual Moon can bring the warmth, the emotion, and the sense of belonging back to your life if you accept the help of one or two key people. Learn to release your worries and rid yourself of any old habits that no longer serve you.

The Full Moon is a great time to ‘Moon Bathe’ – take a few minutes to sit under the light of the Moon and Meditate. As you breathe-in allow the Moon to warm your heart. We are often so busy taking in the energy of world around us that we forget to take in the energy of the world that lies within us. If nothing else, utilize this Full Moon as an excuse to make time for yourself and to reflect upon the vibes you emanate to the rest of the world. The Full Moon is also a time to be quiet, to find your peace, to let go of some things. Take a deep breath and forgive others who did you wrong.

People born on February 19th have a brilliant mind. You have the ability to express poetry from your soul. There is a warm spontaneity about you that draws others to you. You are the perfect host as you keep people entertained with the latest jokes. You truly know what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes.  In a debate, you love to take the opposite side just to stir things up. Don’t be overly flippant, your work is good and is well respected in your field. You are the eternal optimist and this quality will ensure your success.

Daily thought for February 19th: The only thing that keeps a man going is energy. And what is energy but enjoying life?

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