Daily Astrology

February 2 Astrology Reading

Today brings the ending of a period of dark light and sadness.  Embrace this change!  Everyone gets sad sometimes; it’s a part of being human. Stress can contribute significantly to sadness. Avoiding stressful situations whenever possible may help you begin to overcome feelings of sadness. Supportive people can often put things in perspective and help you to feel less sad. Participate in activities with positive individuals or groups as often as you are able. If you change how you move and use your body your mood will change. If you for instance want to feel happier, force a smile for about 60 seconds. You’ll feel happier. If you want to feel confident stand up and walk around for few minutes in a confident way (slowly, head held high, posture relaxed but not slumped). You’ll feel more confident.

You tend to be positive on one day and negative on the next. The root of your problem may lie in your not being able to look at yourself objectively, and your tendency to underestimate your capabilities and achievements. Friendships may be what you need right now. Your best qualities, kindness, tenderness and love, shine when you work to help others.

People born on February 2nd are hard working and ambitious and are great at handling money and their finances. With your friends and family, you are generous, loyal and dependable. You want the comfort of a secure relationship, but you also crave the freedom to pursue your dreams. Your daring spirit thrives on travel and adventure.

Daily thought for February 2nd: Everything is in the mind. That’s where it all starts. Knowing what you want is the first step towards getting it.

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