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February 22 Astrology Reading

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The Waning Gibbous Moon is visible at 89% and is located in Virgo.  It is a Moon surrounded with very opinionated vibrations.  People are trying to tell you what to do and you’re getting tired of it. You dislike taking orders from others, yet you rarely think twice abut telling everyone else what to do. This comes from your complex mix of confidence and uncertainty, action and inaction.   Sometimes, it is important to listen to others because it will serve as a reminder that there is more to this life than what you make of it. Everywhere around you, no matter where you go, there are people who have their own concerns, desires, aspirations, fears, struggles, and ideals, and unless you make an effort to tune yourself into their mind, you will forever be confined in a box that is comprised solely of what you think, your version of the world.   Advice from other people can save all of us a lot of time, trouble, and energy.  Sorting advice into the “good” and “bad” piles is an art, and with time, we will learn how to get better at it.

People born on February 22nd are loving, affectionate and likely to jump in and out of romantic relationships. You are in no hurry to make a firm commitment. But there is good news here, once you settle down with your special someone, you make a fiercely loyal, devoted partner. So remember to choose wisely.

Daily thought for February 22nd: Nothing in life is more remarkable than the unnecessary anxiety which we endure, and generally create ourselves.

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