Daily Astrology

February 23 Astrology Reading

The wisdom you will be tapping into during this cycle of the Moon will bring you a glimpse of what the future will hold.  Take time to receive this wisdom.  The time is now for this is a Moon of Rest.  It’s time to lighten up and slow down a bit. Lately, you’ve been pushing so hard on the job that you’ve been short circuiting other important areas of your life. You have been eagerly latching onto every opportunity to further your plans and ambitions. That’s not a bad thing, just pace yourself a little better. You are helpful and accommodating but there are people around you wanting to push you too far, so be more aware.  Appreciate those people who give you warmth and support.  If you have a good friend then sooner or later they will, in one way or another, and often, point you in the right direction.  Value them from the depths of your heart.  Try to always surround yourself with good people. People who are going to be honest with you and look out for your best interests.  If they always agree with you, they might not be right for you.  You need love in your life, and you need it with a home and a family.

People born on February 23rd are typically compassionate, home loving, and gracious. Your insight and intuition seem to work hand in hand with your analytical mind. When hurt, your instinct is to retreat into your protective shell and stay there until you’ve worked things out to your own satisfaction. Family and friends come first with you.

Daily thought for February 23rd: If you cannot pray as you want to, pray as you can. God knows what you mean.

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