Daily Astrology

February 26 Astrology Reading

This is a time of balance followed by direction.   A great healing energy is being channeled at this time with Uranus Jupiter and Mars aligned.  There is sometimes a vague feeling of chaos in our lives around this time surrounding our money and finances. Be careful not to let things spin out of control, but don’t be too concerned.  Just when things are going along smoothly, something seems to happen that turns your finances around. If you want to be successful with money, you must make it on your own efforts. By not using other people’s money to make your own money, you’re able to use and develop your talents that have been there all along.  To protect your financial future, you need to be able to identify bad financial habits and understand the ways in which you can avoid making those types of mistakes on a regular basis. It is okay to make financial mistakes. What is not acceptable is allowing those mistakes to turn into ongoing bad habits.   You know what you are doing, and you will be attracting opportunities for making money and increasing your financial resources, so trust yourself.  Remember that this is a time of balance, direction and healing energy.

People born on February 26th are passionate and quick thinkers. You have a restlessness that urges you to try many different kinds of experiences. You work hard to achieve your objectives. Any fears you have regarding money are usually groundless as you have an excellent earning capacity. You need love and approval to be happy.

Daily thought for February 26th: Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out.

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