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February 28 Astrology Reading

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The Waning Crescent Moon is visible at 31%   During the Waning Crescent Moon Phase, the illuminated part of the Moon decreases from the lit up semicircle look of the Moon, until it disappears from view entirely when entering the New Moon Phase.  This Phase of the Moon brings a turning point and there are probably many things going on simultaneously.  Lately, your emotional security has been tied to your financial security.  Your common sense is well balanced, but you have been spending a bit too much, recently. You feel you can afford it and you gain pleasure by buying beautiful things. If this keeps up, you will experience trouble holding on to what you earn. The best way to solve this is to follow the advice of experts, save ten percent of everything you earn and put it someplace where you can’t touch it. Then, just act responsibly.  Whether you have a lot of money or maybe not so much, your money should be used to support a great life for you, your family and the other people and organizations that are important to you.

People born on February 28th have the ability to think on their feet and make decisions quickly. Usually generous, with a charming personality and friendly nature, you can easily attract friends and partners. Although at times you can be extremely successful, changeable circumstances in your finances necessitate that you would be wise to save and plan. Always be true to yourself.

Daily thought for February 28th: Prayer reaches out in love to a dying world and says, “I care.”

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