Daily Astrology

February 3 Astrology Reading

The Moon is located in Sagittarius, and brings weakness of spirit.  Stay strong!  It is easy to sit back and let life pass you by.  Everyone fears failure, but the one sure way to fail at something is to never give it a go.  Sometimes it’s the hardest parts in life which teach us the most, if we’re willing to view them as lessons, not as crushing blows.  Making changes for you can be enormously difficult.  Be brave, step out and try, because trying is the first step to succeeding. You never know what is waiting just around the corner. Something amazing may be just about to happen.  Look forward to this new year, it’s going to be an adventure.  Your best qualities shine when you work to help others. You are kind, tender and full of love, but you don’t accept that from others very easily.  It’s time to appreciate those around you and accept the love they want to give you.  Regularly remind yourself that you are very capable and highly successful person. Trust your instincts and don’t hesitate to act on them at any time.

People born on February 3rd are witty and fun loving, with a captivating personality that make them extremely popular. You do well at virtually anything you set your mind to. Tradition and practicality go hand in hand with your ambition and willingness to work hard. Your unique humor attracts friends and helps you get along with all kinds of people.

Daily thought for February 3rd: Happy the man who ventures boldly to defend what he holds dear.

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