Daily Astrology

February 5 Astrology Reading

The Moon has the Sun shining on its dark side, the side we never see.  This inhibits the Moon’s energy to shine upon us.  Jupiter, Venus and Saturn also block energy as they are located just above the Moon.  It’s a low-energy day!  You believe that a job that’s worth doing is worth doing well and things left half done will drive you to impressive temper flashes. But are you working too hard?  If you feel the need to complain more often than not, ask yourself why. Putting too much energy into your work might mean that you don’t have any tolerance left to actually enjoy your free time.   It’s easy to focus on how much work we have to do and how much more there needs to be done, but it’s equally important is to celebrate how far we’ve come. Taking time to celebrate our progress, even if we are celebrating baby steps, keeps us feeling accomplished and not overwhelmed.  Have you ever just made the decision to be happier? Most people haven’t.  It’s time to be happy!  You have the self confidence that comes with being multi-talented. Challenges rarely faze you, because you view them as precursors to change and transformation. You do not hesitate to make your presence felt, your views known and you love asserting your independence.  Do it with kindness!  Don’t pass judgment on others so quickly, or you, too, will be judged.

People born on February 5th are self-motivated and have a strong sense of what they want to accomplish and have their own ideas about the way things should be done. Your sense of responsibility and a belief in doing the right thing can cause you to over-extend yourself. Although you are sometimes obstinate, detachment and a balanced attitude to life will enable you to avoid many frustrations and disappointments.

Daily thought for February 5th: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

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