Five of Pentacles Tarot Card

Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles indicates distress caused by financial losses and poverty. The two Figures in the Five of Pentacles look homeless and destitute. They wander the streets at night, lost in their misery and suffering. The money and possessions the Pentacles type thrive on have gone and they are left with nothing. Your circumstances appear to have taken a turn for the worse. There is a possibility that you have lost substantially or taken a hard hit. The Five of Pentacles can highlight shallowness in a relationship. You will need to question what brought you together in the first place. The Five of Pentacles can be an indication that deep spiritual change is needed.

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Five of Pentacles (Reversed)

When the Five of Pentacles Reverses, the snow now at the top of the Card brings a brightness to your situation as the darkness begins to clear. You have got to be congratulated for many others would have given up and collapsed under the pressure. Things are good, but is going to take time to find your balance again and get into a position of strength. You are learning that money is like energy, so it needs to move around. Sometimes you have to spend money to make more. This Five can represent a release from a person or situation that has been dragging you down. It may have felt like a long time coming but at last you are free.

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