Four of Wands Tarot Card

Four of Wands

The Four of Wands represents homecoming, relaxation, Joy and harmony. Two richly dressed female figures stand in front of the castle, framed in the garlanded entrance. Their floral headpieces are in keeping with the foliage of the garland, suggesting effort in creating a look or style for the occasion. The Four Wands planted in the ground give an impression of strength and stability. It is time to go shopping for glamorous outfits, for you are going somewhere special. When the Four of Wands appears in your reading, it brings with it a great sense of Joy, excitement and contentment. It indicates that you are entering a very stable and prosperous period in your life.

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Four of Wands (Reversed)

When the Four of Wands Reversed appears in your reading, it represents the time when you leave the family home for the first time to make it on your own. It can be an exciting time but also a time of insecurity and instability. You feel a strong sense of not belonging and this may be because you choose not to. You may be quite a loner, keeping to yourself and avoiding contact with neighbors or getting involved in community affairs. You need a holiday badly but are so bogged down with work or family obligations that you do not have the freedom to go. In relationships, it indicates a lack of depth.

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