Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card

Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles indicates that hard work and self discipline are important in life. The Knight of Pentacles sits on his dark, almost black, horse and faces the nearest plowed field. He holds a golden Pentacle aloft as he knows it represents good fortune and success. When The Knight of Pentacles appears, it is often an indication of a period of intense hard work heading your way, and that you will do well. It also symbolizes how well you are doing, as maintaining your body and nutrition is something you work hard on. The Knight of Pentacles moves slowly and cautiously when embarking upon a new relationship and he would suggest you do likewise.

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Knight of Pentacles (Reversed)

When the Knight of Pentacles Reverses, we see this usually stable and reliable Knight fall from his horse and into the mud. He lives to work instead of working to live. Even when he is at home, he will be working This card also comes up for those who regret the sacrifices they made to achieve a particular goal or success. You might feel lost and very far from home, family and friends. The price of success may be too high and there could be a move towards re-juggling your priorities. Improvement in quality of life is sought. This Reversed Knight indicates a wish of wanting to be single for the moment or seeking a break from a relationship.

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