Three of Swords Tarot Card

Three of Swords

The Three of Swords symbolizes sorrow, grief and heartbreak. The pain experienced by this Three causes confusion and bewilderment (symbolized by the gray clouds) as it can make people unaware. The torrential rain in the background symbolizes the flow of tears we find impossible to stem when our heart is broken. We will all encounter the energies of the Three of Swords at some stage in our life for we will all experience loss, sadness or disappointment on some level. In a relationship, the Three of Swords suggests heartbreak and conflict. Separation and despair could leave your heart torn apart.

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Three of Swords (Reversed)

As storms are known to clear the air, the clouds no longer dominate the background when this card Reverses, so hang in there as you are nearly over the worst of it. In the Reversed Three of Swords, the heart reverses and the Swords begin to fall out allowing much-needed healing to take place. The pain that has been acute for so long will weaken and the constant flow of tears will soon be a trickle for you have allowed your heart to heal. If you have been badly hurt in the past, this Reversed card suggest that you are avoiding relationships for fear of drawing further pain and disappointment to yourself. You must learn to trust again.

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