June 2019 Astrological Events

June brings many Astrological Events.  There are specific things to look for that could help us learn about ourselves and others.  There are many ways these energies might appear in a person’s life to help them on a path to success.  The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are the personal planets which affect our personalities and immediate relationships. The more distant planets affect how we interact with the world in a more general way.

The Full Moon in June is a powerful time in the lunar cycle when the Moon pours down a tremendous amount of energy. Full Moons stir up our emotions and amplify mystical powers connected to the human spirit. Read about how this month’s Full Moon can yield incredible healing results, both physically and mentally. Full Moons bathe your skin in a soft light, while also illuminating the often overlooked crevices of your subconscious—giving you insights into your spirit and soul.

June 2019 Astrological Events include: June’s New Moon in Gemini, Ophiuchid Meteor Shower, Full Moon, Strawberry Moon in Gemini, and the Summer Solstice Begins.

June 2019 Astrological Events: June 3 – New Moon in Gemini

We see almost exactly the opposite half of the Moon, that which is illuminated by the Sun, making it doubly not observable because the side we see is not illuminated. This New Moon brings the need for change. Sometimes the past can hold us back, but moving on is a slow and steady process that should be nurtured rather than rushed. Every day is an opportunity to do something that will have a lasting impact on your life.

June 2019 Astrological Events

June 2019 Astrological Events: June 4 – Mercury Enters Cancer with a Conjunction of the Moon and Mercury

The pair will be difficult to observe as they will appear no higher than 8° above the horizon. It is a time of emotional sensitivity. Try not to become anxious about too many things. Mood swings may be common, especially if you come under pressure. Try engaging in physical exercise, eat a healthy diet that contains adequate protein and healthy fats, and take the right supplements to get your positive attitude back.

June 7 – The Moon at Perigee

This is the part of the Moon’s cycle when it is the closest approach of its orbit to the Earth and appears slightly larger than at any other time. The energy of this Moon when it is closest to the earth’s surface is very strong, and you can harness it as it can bring about positive changes in your life.

June 2019 Astrological Events

June 2019 Astrological Events: June 10 – Ophiuchid Meteor Shower, and the Moon is at First Quarter

The Ophiuchid Meteor Shower will reach its maximum rate of activity tonight. It began on May 19th and continues into July. Annual meteor showers arise when the Earth passes through streams of debris left behind by comets and asteroids.


June 2019 Astrological Events:  June 16 – Conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter

When the empathy of Moon meets the wisdom of Jupiter, it brings vibrations of generosity, compassion and understanding. It also brings intelligence, knowledge, and kindness to those who are open to change.

June 17 – Full Moon in Sagittarius. This Moon is also called the Strawberry Moon

One reason is because the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries comes each year during the month of June. The Algonquin tribes of Native Americans named it the Strawberry Moon, as it appears at the time of year when they would harvest their strawberries. In other parts of the world, it is also known as the Honey Moon, Hot Moon and Full Rose Moon.

June 2019 Astrological Events:  June 18 – The Moon and Saturn

The Moon and Saturn will share the same right ascension and will be visible in this morning’s sky. Saturn, the planet of Karma and responsibility, will fully manifest for the first time in 29 years, being home in Capricorn, the sign which it governs! Karma is the age-old theory of getting what we deserve based on our thoughts and actions. Practice kindness and compassion. Never underestimate the power of good Karma!

Astrological Calendars for 2019

June 19 – Close Approach of the Moon and Pluto

Pluto has its own very large Moon, nearly half the dwarf planet’s own size. This moon was dubbed Charon, after the mythological demon who ferried souls to the underworld in Greek mythology. Pluto rules large-scale changes and it likes to reward those who transform in order to meet their own needs. So, if you realize that you really should be speaking up where you’ve previously been silent or that you aren’t acting for the right reasons, make the choice to change your approach.

June 2019 Astrological Events:

June 20 – Ophiuchid Meteor Shower

The Ophiuchid meteor shower will reach its maximum rate of activity tonight. Some shooting stars associated with the shower are expected to be visible to the naked eye. The Ophiuchids can be seen all night long, but are best observed around midnight. Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer is depicted as holding Serpens the Serpent, which is considered a separate constellation. According to ancient Greek star lore, Ophiuchus is Asclepius, the physician who concocted a healing potion from the Serpent’s venom, mixing it with the Gorgon’s blood and an unknown herb. This potion gave humans access to immortality, until the god of the underworld appealed to Zeus to reconsider the ramifications of the death of death.

June 21 – Summer Solstice and Cancer, the Season of the Crab, begins

On this day, the Sun is above the horizon, longer than on any other day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Astronomers claim this to be the first day of summer. Early dawns. Long days. Late sunsets. Short nights. The Sun at its height each day, as it crosses the sky. Meanwhile, south of the equator, winter begins. When we approach an equinox or solstice we should expect change and transformation rather than resist it. Often we end up in conflict. The Summer Solstice is our place of retreat and renewal, where we can find understanding and compassion for ourselves and others. It’s a wellspring of helpful insight that broadens our understanding of life.

June 25 – The Moon is at Last Quarter

It will rise at around dawn and set at around dusk, making it visible only during the daytime. This Moon is gradually decreasing in size and visibility, while it makes its way back to another New Moon. It’s a time for forgiveness, and then moving on to new chapters in your life. Be aware to all the unnecessary emotions you have been carrying and rid yourself of them. Move on and be happy.

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