Saturn's Return to Aquarius in 2023

Saturn’s Return to Aquarius in 2023!

Saturn’s Return to Aquarius in 2023 – After a gap of 30 years, Saturn will, once again, come back to Aquarius – a sign that it owns and prefers the most. Saturn is the planet of time and change; hence this planetary movement will bring about important changes in lives of all zodiac signs in 2023.

Saturn’s Return to Aquarius in 2023!

On Tuesday, January 17, 2023, Saturn experienced a transit into its native zodiac sign, Aquarius. Saturn will remain in Aquarius until March 29, 2025, after that Saturn will transit into Pisces. This transit will be able to make a significant impact on the lives of the natives of all zodiac signs. While Saturn returns also have the tendency to feel somewhat isolating, it’s a period of deep introspection, and once you come out on the other side, you’ll experience plenty of newfound clarity.

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Saturn’s Coming of Age!

Because Saturn is the planet of responsibilities, time, and wisdom, a Saturn Return is your astrological coming of age. It’s the push you need to enter true adulthood. Saturn demands that you take full and complete accountability for your choices, propelling major and challenging transformations. Saturn return takes things away that have outgrown their usefulness and brings things that will have more longevity.

Saturn’s Return to Aquarius 2023 – Realizing Your Potential!

A Saturn return to Aquarius is about understanding your growth edges. It has a way of bringing up realities about yourself or your situation that you have avoided in the past. It is the moment you realize there’s no one else to do this work. While it can feel daunting at first, this is exactly how you move into the next stage of realizing your potential.

Saturn’s Return to Aquarius 2023 – Relationships!

Saturn is the “most serious” planet in astrology. It controls time and represents change, work, boundaries, structure, and commitments. It is ruled by Capricorn, which means it comes with the same determined, bossy edge as all the other Capricorns in your life. If you’re single during your Saturn Return, you’re preparing in an energetic way for your partner, they’re preparing for you, and you’ll meet each other at the perfect time, after you’ve both done the work.

Saturn’s Return to Aquarius – Responsibilities!

Saturn in Aquarius is one of the more exciting placements for Saturn. Aquarius asks us to break the mold, mundane tasks take a different tone. Commitments take a different shape and so do responsibilities. You even view time as a different format, perhaps not feeling so constrained by it and instead ready to make it work for you. Then there’s faith. For you, faith becomes an essential part of life. Faith in humanity, faith that people will do the right thing, and faith that it’s all part of a better plan. Faith is essential for you and helps you maintain the vision of a new world, a world where the actions of all are for the good of many.

Saturn’s Return to Aquarius 2023 – Commitments!

Show up for yourself every day. Trust that every step is preparing you for something great. Commit to you. Commit to your dreams. Commit to your vision. Commit to your values. Commit to your integrity. Commit to your goals. Write a list of your non-negotiables and tape it to your bathroom mirror. Then make sure you read and absorb it often.

Saturn’s Return to Aquarius – Secret Serendipity!

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