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Quartz Crystals


Crystals have their own energy.  As Mother Earth’s gifts to us, crystals are a living energy, they are metaphysical keys to the Universe.  Crystals are our way of accessing specific energies in the universe.  Crystals are used for meditation, protection, healing, centering and harmonizing.  These crystals have…



The spiritual Archangel Ariel is the caretaker and protector of Earth.  Ariel watches over all beings, whether they be human, animal or spiritual, ensuring their survival and protection.  Ariel is often shown in pictures wearing a white robe and holding the Earth, overlooking all of creation. …

Crystal stones


One of the most beautiful gemstones is the Lapis Lazuli.  The ancient people used the Lapis Lazuli gemstone because they believed in its high healing power. It was thought to protect the wearers from melancholy and depressing outlook and from intermittent fevers and eye infections. Lapis Lazuli is good for…