The Fool Card

The Fool Card – Tarot

The Fool Card

The Fool is exciting and spontaneous, but a little bit fickle. When you receive the Fool, know that you are at the start of a new beginning or new experience. In this experience you will eliminate all that has been holding you back thus far. This could be fear, worry, or doubt. The Fool says, go out on your journey, that’s what life is about. Although the Fool may indicate stupidity, it is more optimistic in the sense that it means pure action and freedom from the limitations of your present life. Most likely, important decisions are coming, and the answer to your question is yes.

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The Fool Card (Reversed)

Have you been acting in a strange way? Are you tired of the same old routine and you prefer to act in a foolhardy way, with no regard for the consequences of your actions? The Fool Card Reversed shows you have become reliant on others to take care of you. The Fool states that there is a need for a new beginning, and shows that there is some hesitancy about making it happen. It can also indicate that your desire for freedom and independence could very well be interfering with your love relationships. If you want love, don’t be foolish. Open yourself up.

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