The Magician Card

The Magician Card – Tarot

The Magician Card

The Magician can be interpreted here as the symbol for your ability to act as a go-between with the world above and the contemporary, human world. Messages are being sent. The Magician is all about creating your Destiny. He shows that the Universe is aligning to bring positive changes your way. His magic is in his confidence, he has the ability to make things happen. If you are feeling an urge or a pull to do something, and the Magician card appears, the message is “follow that intuition.” It will weave magic for you at this time. New opportunities will be coming to increase your wealth.

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The Magician Card (Reversed)

When the Magician card is reversed, things might not be going as planned and there might be impending failure. You feel out of your depths in your current situation. This is because your judgment is clouded by impatience. You have to make a shift in what you’re thinking about your current circumstances and your power over them. Throw away those negative, self-limiting thoughts and gain a positive, empowered, and self-confident mindset. New experiences can only help right now. Try to dedicate some time each week towards doing something new.

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