Coronavirus and Astrology

Coronavirus and astrology, karma, auras, horoscopes, etc., is a topic that is getting some attention in the spiritual community. How do major negative events like this effect our energies, and what can we do to bring more positive energy to the situation? Let’s review some core elements to the spiritual world and how we can be a positive force.

A Coronavirus Prayer

Loving God, Your desire is for our wholeness and well being.

We hold in tenderness and prayer the collective suffering of our world at this time.

We grieve precious lives lost and vulnerable lives threatened.

We ache for ourselves and our neighbors, standing before an uncertain future.

We pray: may love, not fear, go viral.

Inspire our leaders to discern and choose wisely, aligned with the common good.

Help us to practice social distancing and reveal to us new and creative ways to come together in spirit and in solidarity.

Call us to profound trust in your faithful presence,

You, the God who does not abandon.

Coronavirus and Astrology – Changing Bad Karma To Good

When we see that the old ways of doing things aren’t benefiting us, we need to modify our behavior and act in a different way.   There are, also, many things we do in our life that we know won’t bring results for many years, but we do them anyway. We know that eventually, the results will come.  These are all the result of cause and effect, or Karma.  Karma is an energy created by a willful action, through thoughts, words and deeds. We are all creating Karma every minute, and the Karma we create affects us every minute of every day. There are many different ways we can change our “Bad Karma” to “Good Karma.”

40 Ways to Better Karma

  1. Smile at 10 strangers every day
  2. Bake cookies for your colleagues
  3. Donate unwanted clothes to a charity
  4. Help an elderly relative (or someone confused) with their computer
  5. Make amends with a friend you’ve fallen out with
  6. Lend someone a shoulder to cry on
  7. Buy a gift for someone who is struggling for money – but only if you can afford it yourself
  8. Help an elderly shopper reach the high shelves
  9. Do you know someone who spends a lot of time alone? Make plans with them
  10. Make an anonymous donation on an online fundraising page
  11. Do you drive? Give a lift to someone who needs to get somewhere fast
  12. Guide someone into a tricky parking space
  13. Offer to help a friend with a task
  14. Offer to babysit a friend’s kids so they can go out for the day
  15. Take your friends’ kids for an exciting day trip
  16. Help someone make a big decision
  17. Share inspiring posts on social media
  18. Defend someone who is being picked on (a must)
  19. Help a stranger find their missing pet
  20. Sign up for a sponsored walk or run
  21. Sponsor a marathon runner
  22. When grocery shopping, buy extra for a friend in need
  23. Take a friend to the cinema and pay for it yourself
  24. Help a parent carry a stroller up the stairs
  25. Carry a neighbor’s shopping from their car to the house
  26. Send a friend a postcard, even if you haven’t gone anywhere special
  27. Buy a sandwich and a drink for a homeless person
  28. Take a case of water to a spot where the homeless congregate
  29. Cook a meal, or have a picnic, for all your friends
  30. Sneak money into a friend’s pocket, maybe (or not) include a note from you
  31. Pay for the food of the person behind you at the drive thru
  32. Make your partner breakfast in bed
  33. Volunteer with a local charity
  34. Send a handwritten letter to a friend or relative
  35. Say something nice to someone
  36. Call a friend you’ve not spoken to in years
  37. Buy a lottery ticket and give it away
  38. Help someone with their homework
  39. Buy lunch for a friend
  40. Write compliments on post-it notes and hide them around a friend’s house.

Coronavirus and Astrology / Karma – Bringing Happiness

By seeking to do the right thing in any given situation, we, as well as those around us, will become conditioned for peace and happiness in a very real and concrete sense. Likewise, through negative actions we condition ourselves, as well as those around us, for suffering now and in the future.  You can’t control the behavior of others, but your reactions and actions will dictate your path.  Understand that the way you treat people is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.

Coronavirus and Astrology – Karma and Others

It’s not just that God said we should love one another.  He also created the universe in such a way that, in time, we are sure to learn to do just that.  If everything we do has a consequence, if everything we do comes back to us, then surely we will come in time to learn that it is ultimately in our own best interests to put out only what we would want to get back.       ~ Marianne Williamson  ~

Karma is the result of our own past actions and our own present doings. We ourselves are responsible for our own happiness and misery. We create our own Heaven. We create our own Hell. We are the architects of our own fate.

Situations seem to happen to people, but in reality, they unfold from deeper karmic causes. The universe unfolds to itself, bringing to bear any cause that needs to be included. Don’t take this process personally. The working out of cause and effect is eternal. You are part of this rising and falling that never ends, and only by riding the wave can you ensure that the waves don’t drown you. The ego takes everything personally, leaving no room for higher guidance or purpose. If you can, realize that a cosmic plan is unfolding and appreciate the incredibly woven tapestry for what it is, a design of unparalleled marvel. ― Deepak Chopra, The Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life.   

Coronavirus and Astrology – Being Compassionate

Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant with the weak and wrong.  Sometime in your life, you will have been all of these.    ~ Siddhartha Gautama

Always treat others the way you would like to be treated.  The way you act is a reflection on yourself.Your words or actions can last forever on others. Sometimes it doesn’t feel permanent to you, but to the other person, it could be everlasting.  Treat others well, and Karma will take care of the rest.

We all need help. Some of us need more than others. When you do what you can to help someone who needs it, it connects you with another person, at least for a moment, if not for life. When you show kindness, that kindness is passed on, it can multiply and multiply. A simple little thing like a smile can put a smile and warm feeling in someone else’s heart, and make their day a little better. Offer a hug or a helping hand to someone who is sad. It will make you feel good to be compassionate. When we care for or help others while expecting nothing in return, we feel happy to have helped. Compassionate living is not an act of kindness, it is a way of life.

Coronavirus and Astrology – Auras from Negative to Positive

We all have an Aura! Our Aura reflects our current condition. People who are sick or emotionally upset have weak, shadowy Auras, while healthy, happy people have Auras that are strong and bright. To have a strong positive Aura means you have a strong healthy body, well-balanced, psychological and emotional health, and a spiritual maturity and strength. A weak or negative Aura indicates physical illness or disease, conflicted emotions, unresolved psychological issues, any/or limited spiritual development.

The human Aura is both an energy field and a reflection of the subtle life energies within the body. These energies make us what we are, and in turn, are affected by our surroundings and life style. The Aura reflects our health, character, mental activity and emotional state. It may also show disease, often long before the onset of symptoms.

The color of the Aura is impacted by health—both physical and mental—what we are experiencing in the moment, and how we “run” our energy most of the time. Drug use, trauma, prayer, and healing work can all change the substance of the Aura for better or worse. What we spend our time thinking about, viewing, doing, and believing, all have an impact on the quality of our Aura.

When people realize that their Aura is on display and many people are able to see it, they will watch what they think. And they will try to see and improve their own Aura. In the process they will become better and wiser, being able to recognize intentions of other people.

Practice Forgiveness. Not only letting go of the pain in your past but forgiving the person who caused it, can clear the negative energy from your Aura. Instead of focusing on your wounded feelings, and thereby giving power over you to the person who caused you pain, look for the love, beauty, and kindness around you.

Be aware. Recognize when the emotions that you feel belong to someone else. If your spouse is angry, identify that emotion and acknowledge it, but remind yourself that it is their anger, not yours. When someone is trying to bring you down, it’s more a reflection of them as a person, and their relationship with themselves, than of your worth.

Have a shower in the morning and imagine the water washing away all of your negative energy down the drain, and the water filing you with white light and love. Drinking at least one large glass of water upon waking up will help a lot, too. Water is naturally grounding.

Coronavirus Health Tips from WHO

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