July Astrology and Horoscopes

July Astrology

July Astrology & Birthday Astrology

Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Leo

Monthly Horoscope: Cancer, Leo

July and Astrology

Venus grows brighter but sinks lower in the West in July. Mercury is low at twilight during the first half of the month, between Venus and the sunset point. Earth reaches its annual far point from the Sun, Aphelion, at this time. The Moon performs wonderfully close conjunction this month, passing very near Mercury, then close to Venus, and goes above Mars towards the end of the month.

Motivated by the need to hide true emotion, July is a time of tragedy and comedy.  The sensitive Water Element feels the transition of the spring awakening that has deepened into a mid-summer experience of beauty and adventure.  Guided by July’s planet, the Moon, we run through the whole gamut of emotions that come with the changing tides.  It’s a time to avoid smothering others with our protective love and devotion.  July is a month when we tend to hang on to money, and usually store it in savings accounts for a rainy day.

July Daily Astrology

Daily Horoscope readings are written to motivate you, help you live up to your highest expectations, and to empower you. They can help guide you with insights into your daily struggles and help you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings.

In addition to each Daily reading, there is a paragraph on “Those Born on This Day” with a personality interpretation for that day. We have also chosen for you a “Thought for the Day” for inspiration.

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