October Astrology and Horoscopes

October Astrology

October Astrology & Birthday Astrology

Zodiac Signs: Libra, Scorpio

Monthly Horoscope: Libra, Scorpio

October and Astrology

In October, the summer spectacle is ending, with all planets now losing their luster simultaneously.  Venus starts very low and then vanishes into the solar glare.  Jupiter is barely up as twilight ends.  Mars, highest soon after nightfall, is rapidly fading, and Saturn is visible only during the first part of the night.  The solitary bright star at Mars’ lower left is Fomalhaut.  Venus meets the Sun in inferior conjunction at the end of October.

Belonging to an air sign, ruled by Venus, and very aware of the balance in life, October is a month where harmony in love and relationships is key.  This is a month of ups and downs and avoiding personal conflicts as we walk the path of self-discipline.   It is a time to learn how to stand up for our beliefs, even when these beliefs may cause controversy.  There is a growing awareness of beauty of harmony, in music, art and romance in October.  The autumn season that we so loved will start to fade, and winter will take its place.

October Daily Astrology

Daily Horoscope readings are written to motivate you, help you live up to your highest expectations, and to empower you. They can help guide you with insights into your daily struggles and help you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings.

In addition to each Daily reading, there is a paragraph on “Those Born on This Day” with a personality interpretation for that day. We have also chosen for you a “Thought for the Day” for inspiration.

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