June Astrology and Horoscopes

June Astrology

June Astrology & Birthday Astrology

Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Cancer

Monthly Horoscope: Gemini, Cancer

June and Astrology

In June, Jupiter spends the beginning of the month close to Libra’s brightest star, Zubeneschamali. Mars rises at midnight at a blazing magnitude. The only naked-eye asteroid, Vesta, attains a rare brilliancy at this time. It is faint but easily seen, to the upper right of Saturn. The Solstice brings Summer at the end of the month. .

June is an Air Sign, always on the move and a time when people chatter on for hours.  The month of June brings many personalities and changing moods.  There’s just too much to do, to talk about, and to learn for us to to take the time to probe the depths of a single thing.  We feel interested in practically everything but not inclined to delve deeply into any one topic.   The ruling planet Mercury brings peace.  During June, our intuition is exceptional, and when following our hunches, we may see financial profits.

June Daily Astrology

Daily Horoscope readings are written to motivate you, help you live up to your highest expectations, and to empower you. They can help guide you with insights into your daily struggles and help you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings.

In addition to each Daily reading, there is a paragraph on “Those Born on This Day” with a personality interpretation for that day. We have also chosen for you a “Thought for the Day” for inspiration.

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